Challenger Aviation Products

Challenger Aviation Products


Challenger Aviation Products, Inc. was established in 1999 by Chuck Rocco and his family for the purpose of developing a line of high quality aircraft air filters using K & N filter media. Challenger air filters are manufactured under FAA/PMA certification and have been certified for many popular aircraft. More and more aircraft are being approved every month.

Chuck was no stranger to the aviation industry. His career began in 1963 with training in the US Air Force in Aircraft Maintenance. Upon his release from the Air Force, Chuck began working in Sales for Goodyear. Through the years Chuck worked for most of the major aviation companies, including Goodyear, BF Goodrich, Midland Ross - Grimes Division, Porsche Aviation, Hartzell Propeller, and McCauley Propeller Systems. His experience centered on Marketing and Sales while helping to develop many new and popular products, like McCauley's Blackmac propeller line.

Eventually Chuck broke free from the corporate world, owning and operating his own aircraft propeller overhaul and repair facility for a number of years. Realizing that helping the general aviation pilot have a more successful flight experience was his true calling; he retired from the repair business and started Challenger Aviation Products. Chuck dedicated his time to developing quality products that enhance the performance of most general aviation aircraft. Quality filtration is just the beginning of what Challenger plans to bring GA pilots in the future. Combined with his experience, Chuck's ingenuity continues to lead general aviation into a new generation of products that improve your quality of flight.

As Chuck's wife, Linda Rocco has been a part of the aviation industry for quite a while after spending many years in the medical field. Linda was the Vice President of Business Development. Linda assisted Chuck with certification of new products and currently volunteers time with Challenger's everyday business including marketing and sales and product support.

Chuck's oldest daughter, Susan Rocco, started in the business shortly after graduating from college in 1991, handling the accounting aspects for the repair business. She is now CFO and Co-Owner of Challenger Aviation and manages all financial and administrative processes for the company.

After studying communications in college, Chuck's youngest daughter, Heather Rocco-Geissler started working in the repair business handling purchasing and inventory control. Heather is now the CEO and Co-Owner of Challenger. She oversees the operations of the business which includes production.