Challenger Aviation Affiliate Program


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Challenger Aviation Products a:iliate. We are excited to hear that you share in our passion for our products and wish to promote them on your social media account (s). The conditions of the program are listed below.

  1. You will be eligible for a 50% discount on one product every 6 months.You must make a video about this product or any Challenger Aviation product of your choice within 2 months of your purchase or the discount will be revoked. Please note this discount will not be applicable for oil filter elements. Please contact Challenger before placing the orders so the code can be activated before your purchase. Do not place the order before the code is activated. Please place the order for your discounted item separate from ordering other products or the order will be rejected. The discount code is AFFILIATE50.

  2. You will be provided with a code to give your followers.This code is custom made for you and will allow your followers to receive 10% off their next order with Challenger Aviation Products. This discount can be used once per customer and does not apply to oil filter elements. Your code is: FLYWITHASH10

  3. Upon use of your code, you will receive discounts based on the amount of times your code is used. These discounts will be sent to you via email in the form of discount codes that will be specific to you. These codes will not be able to be combined with each other but can be combined with your fleet pricing.

  4. You will receive a small merchandise package.You can keep this merchandise for yourself or use it as giveaways on your social media. This merchandise package will be sent to the physical address associated with the account you have set up on our website. If you have not added a physical address to your account, please do so. If you would like the initial merchandise package sent to another physical address, please reply to this email and we will keep that address on file for all future packages related to this a:iliate program. Please note that we purchase new stock of our branded merchandise twice a year, so there may be a slight delay in receiving this package due to availability.

  5. Please be aware that all discounts mentioned DONOT apply to oil filter elements. We understand that replacing the oil filter element is a necessary part of owning and properly maintaining our oil filter. In an e:ort to make replacing our oil filter element a cost-effective option we can only maintain the low price of $150.00 per element by not offering any discount tiers for this item. There will not be any exceptions made regarding this decision at this time.

6. This agreement can be discontinued by either party at anytime for any reason.

If you have any questions regarding the above conditions, please contact Heather directly at or call her at 937-387-6500 ext 103. Our hours of operation are Monday-Thursday; 9:00am-4:00 EST. It is possible to receive responses after hours, however, we ask that you respect the personal time of our sta: and be respectful when choosing to contact them after hours.

We are a woman owned, family run company. We want our customers to know that we take their family and their safety seriously. We aim to o:er premium customer service and a sense of inclusion. Our goal is to build a sense of community surrounding our products amongst the general aviation industry. We trust that you will maintain these values when presenting our products and representing our company. Again, thank you for your interest in representing our products and welcome to the family!