Q: How long have these air filters been around?

A: K&N, Challenger's media supplier, has supplied air filters for race cars and other high performace engines for decades.

Q: Do I need to modify my aircraft to install the air filter?

A: No. The filters are a direct replacement to your OEM filter.

Q: Are your filters FAA approved?

A: Yes. The filters are FAA-PMA approved and STC'd which requires a 337 at initial installation.

Q: Will I save money on gas?

A: Yes. Pilots report a .3 to .5 gallon per hour savings. At 100 hours that is a savings of up to 50 gallons of fuel.

Q: How many times can I reclean the air filter?

A: Filters can be cleaned up to 25 times or 2500 hours.

Q: How do I know when to clean the air filter?

A: Filter must be cleaned every calendar year, 100 hours or sooner in dusty conditions.

Q: Can an engine get too much air flow?

A: No. An engine can only take a fixed volume of air depending on it's size. The more restriction in the air intake system, the greater potential for power loss.

Q: Will I see an increase in horsepower?

A: Yes. A typical 2-4 percent increase, depending on the current amount of air restriction in the air intake system.

Q: What about the AD for paper filters?

A: Challenger filters are not subject to the paper filter AD.


Please keep your important paperwork that is in the Ziploc bag with your aircraft logbook. When completing the STC request have your invoice number, where you purchased your filter,
and the batch number that is found your on the product box label, example batch# 004863.
Please save the extra gasket in the box for your first replacement.